The Story Behind Christine's

Christine de Pizan (also seen as de Pisan) ( 1363-c. 1430 )

Christine de Pizan was a Venetian born late medieval author who challenged misogyny and stereotypes prevalent in the late medieval culture. As a poet, she was well known and highly regarded in her own day. She completed 41 works during her 30 year career 1399 - 1429, and can be regarded as Europe’s first professional women writer.

Christina de Pizan works is a highly regarded author and poet that during her day she held bold views and opinions on women of her time. Poetry and writing are great art forms, so in our eyes are the arts of culinary skills...while Christine de Pizan was Known for her eloquent yet bold styling of words which rolled off the tongue when spoken, it is our
dedication to eloquent and delicate balances of only the freshest ingredients to deliver bold and satisfying flavors to roll  around your tongue and tease your sense of taste with the fulfillment of fine Italian cooking.

Christine the Restaurant is an evolving culinary art similar to written stories or portraits by any of the greats throughout history.....we will continue to develop and earn your continued appreciation over time. Welcome to our experience it is our humble pleasure to serve you. Please enjoy your time and if there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable please let us know.





The Marino Family,

Ron & Christine (history’s next great Christine) Danielle and Matthew